Monday, 15 May 2017

Motilal Vora in a triple role... already won an Oscar (Oscar Fernandes) 😝😝😝 #NHCase #National Herald #Rahul Gandhi #Sonia Gandhi

Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi are in a blue funk, unable to explain their illegal takeover of the assets of the National Herald Group in 2012, by transferring its shares to a company, Young India, in which they control 76 per cent stake.
Some persons who held shares from the time Jawaharlal Nehru launched National Herald in 1937, with funds from the public, were aghast at the development and blew the whistle, discreetly.
Briefly, the rigmarole involved the party loaning Rs 90-plus crore ($12.5 million) to Associated Journals Pvt. Ltd. (AJL), owner and publisher of National Herald (English daily), Navjivan (Hindi daily), Qaumi Awaz (Urdu daily), and National Herald International Weekly, to wipe out its debts and settle employee dues after publication formally ceased in 2008. Thereafter, on April 26, 2012, Young India ‘extinguished’ this Rs 90 crore debt for a paltry Rs 50 lakhs while transferring AJL shares to itself. The mathematics has never been explained to this day!

The transactions were conducted in utmost secrecy, with Motilal Vora as party treasurer transferring the money to Motilal Vora as chairman cum managing director of AJL, and select family loyalists in the know. Vora and party general secretary are also shareholders in Young Indian, Now, thanks to the doggedness of BJP leader, Dr Subramanian Swamy, who took the case to court, struggled to get it admitted and followed it through, this is one act for which they will be held legally liable.detail report on National hearld scam visit 👉 @Pgurus